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Using an SEO Consultant

Google is such a massive tool for the shopper today that it has become the consummate marketplace; a digital marketer’s world where it is simple for marketers to speak directly to an in-market audience made up of interested customers who are actively trying to buy exactly the very item that they are selling. In this context, doing your best to ensure that your website performs well for the core search terms is of the utmost importance: if you’re marketing shoe trees, then having your website fall above the fold on page one for searches such as “shoe trees for sale” is vital to the ongoing success of your marketing work- I bet you can’t recall the last time you looked for something on the net and opted to click only on a link half way down the third page of results?

One way to achieve a prominent position on the search listings for your chosen search terms is to use pay per click marketing. With Google this referred to Adwords, and it involves choosing a bunch of key phrases to market for, creating a range of adverts that will be there when these phrases are searched for, and then picking a price you are willing to pay each time somebody clicks one of your ad texts. This has a number of plus points: it’s extremely controllable- you can switch it off and on at will, and so get hold of a high position for your key phrases overnight. It’s also massively accountable- you get out precisely what you put in, getting charged only when your advert has been clicked.

Conversely there are some drawbacks to the PPC system- for example lots of web users will not click sponsored links, choosing instead to scroll past them and click the naturally occurring search results that are listed under them. Known as “organic listings”, these have a greater credibility than paid links as their presence in the search results page is entirely dependent on the content of the web page they click to being germane to the key word used. Paid ads also take content into account to some extent, but they also take into consideration other factors, such as bid amount. Performing well in the organic listings also has the benefit of not costing more every time somebody clicks your ad text- there will of course be some costs incurred in trying to improve your organic position, but there will be no additional cost for each additional click.

This is where retaining the experience of a SEO consultant London would be advisable- by using a freelance SEO service to optimise the ranking of your site, you can work to influence where your website appears in the organic search listings for a handful of select search terms. By creating links into your website from other sites that have healthy domain authority for those search terms, and by proposing certain structural changes to the way your web pages are created and labelled, the SEO experts can work to move your website up the natural search listings.


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